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Mini-Filter Assembly


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Feature and Benefits

SST Construction Throughout

  • Materials compatible with all
    coatings or adhesives
  • Long life

Low Shear Design

  • Large flow passageways
    minimize shear and coating
    degradation and subsequent
    pressure or flowrate losses

Additional information

Part Number

TSF-6-100, TSF-6-60, MF-6-40, MF-68-40B, MF-6-70, MF-6B-70B, MF-6-100, MF-6B-100B, MF-6-150, MF-6B-150B, MF-6-200, MF-6B-200B, MF-6-325, MF-6B-325B, MF-6-500, MF-6B-500B