Building fine furniture, cabinets and other woodworking applications requireconsistent and high quality finishing. Whether sanding flat panels, edges orcontours, we have products that can achieve perfect finishes. A full line of applicators and spray packages for wood applications.


Dynabrade Products for the Woodworking Industry

Building fine furniture, cabinets, and other woodworking applications require consistent, high-quality finishing. Whether sanding flat panels, edges or contours, Dynabrade Products can achieve these perfect finishes. Dynabrade’s Dust Collection and Downdraft Tables systems also help to create safer working environments.


Wood Finishing Solutions

A full line of applicators and spray packages for wood applications.


Ensure consistency and precision for high-volume manufacturing.

General manufacturing requires precision fastening tools. We incorporate innovative technology to achieve greater durability and longer-lasting cycles. Our Clecomatic products use an advanced clutch control system to consistently reach exact torque and perform to maximum RPMs. Clecomatic tools are faster and easier to use in assembly line applications.


Our POWER TOOLS  are made to live on the job site. That’s where they are tested. And if there’s a problem, it’s where we solve it. The result is tools you can stand behind!


Sun Abrasives strives to produce the best quality abrasives to meet the high expectations of our valuable customers. We are constantly developing new and innovative products to provide greater benefits to coated abrasive customers. 


VSM provides quality abrasives which boast out standing performance levels and make exceptional results possible. VSM concentrates on the surface treatment of metal and wood materials. Our target customers are in industry and the specialist trade.

The consistently high quality of VSM abrasives is ensured by the high degree of vertical integration. Important preliminary products such as the backing cloth, resinoid bonds and abrasive grains are produced and processed in-house, in Hanover.  The quality is consistently monitored at all stages.


Professional Abrasives and Power Tool Accessories Solution.