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Zirconia ZK713X G180

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  • High stock removal
  • Continual self-sharpening effect results in long-lasting high grinding capacity thanks to constant recreation of sharp grain points
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


This open coat zirconia alumina abrasive with self-sharpening effect is designed for working on tough workpiece surfaces, and offers aggressive cut and very high stock removal. ZK713X is especially suitable for sheet metal deburring, for example.


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10mm x 330mm, 12mm x 330mm, 13mm x 457mm, 19mm x 457mm, 19mm x 508mm, 20mm x 520mm, 38mm x 610mm, 48mm x 480mm, 50mm x 914mm, 50mm x 2080mm, 50mm x 3350mm, 89mm x 394mm, 100mm x 282mm, 100mm x 316mm, 100mm x 914mm, 127mm x 1223mm, 150mm x 1210mm


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