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SST BALL VALVES Common Configurations


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Feature and Benefits

Multiple Configurations

    including bulkhead style,
    Compression including bulkhead
    style, and Tube Stub connection
    points in fractional inch or
    metric sizes

SST Construction

  • 304/316 materials compatible
    with all coatings or adhesives
  • Long life

Cavity Free & Smooth Bore Design

  • To minimize material pack out or
    "dirt in paint" and provide easy
    to clean and flush operation

Low Shear Design

  • 0.280" (7mm) flow passageway minimize shear and coating degradation and subsequent pressure or flowrate losses


Unique Manufacturing Processes

  • Nickel braze process when
    required assures full 316 SST
    construction and absolute
    compatibility to even De-lonized
    water systems

Additional information

Part Number

SSBV-4-316, SSBV-6-316, SSBV-4T-316, SSBV-4T-4T(F)-316, SSBV-6T-316, SSBV-6-6-316, SSBV-6B-6B-316, SSBV-6-4T-316, SSBV-6-6T-316, SSBV-4T-4T-316, SSBV-6T-6T-316