AirPro Pressure feed Spraygun, 1.4mm

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Air Inlet Size (cm) 0.635
Air Inlet Size (in) 1/4
Air Inlet Size (mm) 6.35
Air Inlet Thread Type NPSM
Application Metal
Applicator Type Manual
Bleed Type Non-Bleeder
Compatible Material CARC, Enamel, Epoxies, Fast-Set, High Solids, Latex, Plural Component Materials, Sealants, Solvent-borne, Urethane, Water-borne
Feed Type Pressure Feed
Fluid Inlet Size (cm) 0.9525


Part Number: 288945


The AirPro air spray gun delivers exceptional spray performance while addressing your environmental and operator concerns – whether you’re a custom shop or a high volume manufacturing facility.

  • Even material distribution through the spray pattern for optimum coverage
  • Improved transfer efficiency through reduced air consumption
  • Enhanced atomisation through material-specific air caps
  • Well balanced and lightweight (410 grams) gun makes it easier to spray at a steady rate all day
  • Ultra-light trigger pull reduces operator muscle stress
  • Ergonomic gun handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Rounded control knobs for operator comfort
  • Optimise spray performance with our cutting edge air cap and nozzle design
  • Choose from a wide range of gun models to meet the needs of your specific application


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